The story of our company

The idea of establishing the Hospitality Management Ltd came from the founder, Zoltan Kis, when he met the multiple Bocuse d’Or winner Norwegian team in 2016 in Budapest.

Zoltan, who previously was training in Jonnie Boer’s 3 Michelin star restaurant, met Orjan Johannessen (Bocuse d’Or 2015 Winner) and Gunnar Hvarnes (Bocuse d’Or 2011 Bronze) and was asked to help the Norwegian Team CWD in the last couple of days before the Bocuse d’or European Continental Finals in Budapest. He had the task to organize the kitchen for the final steps and aslo to find some local suppliers for the fresh ingredients and so on. He was very happy to work with the team and aslo the team was very satisfied with Zoltan’s job. As an honour he was invited to last, secret tasting dinner for the menu. The team won the Silver medal in the European Qualifications (2016) and also the silver statue of Bocuse d’Or in Lyon (2017). From these moments and work together Orjan and all the team members are very thankful for Zoltan.

During this period Zoltan realized that there is a huge demand in the Hungarian hospitality industry for a professional consultancy, who is aware of the local background knowledge on a professional base and can help not only the local investors, but also the foreigners to establish their Hungarian business.

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